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CPU vs CPU tournaments for Super Smash Bros. 4, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and  Dead or Alive 3, and Project M as 

 side circuit

Each game has its own circuit of about 10 tournaments a season. (PM will have 5-7 stages)

Each game has "players" with different mains, secondaries, regions, and sometimes sponsor or team.

Tournaments are generally run best of 3 until top 8

Ideas for "players", teams, tournament names, or general stuff are welcome.

2017 Season starts in January with dates TBA

Winner of each qualifier automatically gets a championship berth

Remaining spots are determined by most top 8 finishes

Seeding determined by best results


Name Spiel Typ Teilnehmer Erstellt am Fortschritt
THE CAGE DOA3 Top 32 Dead or Alive 3 DE 32 01-04-17
THE CAGE SSB4 Top 32 Super Smash Bros. 4 DE 32 01-04-17
THE CAGE USFIV Top 32 Ultra Street Fighter IV DE 32 01-03-17